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It’s Been Forever, And There’s a Reason

August 12, 2010

I forgot how much work it takes to keep a blog rolling. At some point I lost interest, maybe forever. However, I guess it wouldn’t kill me to post something new in the event that I do ever reinvigorate my blog. And within this structure there is a postmodern dialog taking place that is so subtle as to be missed, as if there were something to miss. I miss the old me, but he’s dead and the lines between future and past have been blurred. The smudge is now. Perhaps by being obtuse and avoiding the melody completely, a writer can say everything he wants to without singing any of it.

In any case, I don’t know if I’ll ever write in this blog again after this. I certainly won’t make any promises, but know that the clouds love you and there’s a chance that everything will soon be in harmony once more. For the time being, just know that it isn’t, and this is my disjointed protest against the state of the world today. Our economy, our freedom, our president, our GOP – all monsters too large to let a little warrior like me squawk away on a meaningless soapbox so deeply buried in cyberspace. If you got here, there isn’t any chance you could leave a comment is there? I didn’t think so…