MySpace = Death, and Other Ruminations

Happen, damnit!

Happen, damnit!

I never get to just write for fun anymore, but since I’m faced with the overwhelming task of booking, and since I am a veteran procrastinator, I figure’d I’d give my two-cents about a few things for all of you who use my website as your own form of masterful procrastination (try saying that 10 times fast – it will use up at least one minute of your time if you do).

First off, what’s up with MySpace? I’ve been using it as a great networking tool for years, and lately it’s become so dead that I find myself not even checking my messages any more. Time was, a man could go onto MySpace, attract new people that would listen to your music and make comments on whether they liked it or not. Nowadays it’s more like the last day of a huge garage sale. Nothing is left but the fodder of fake hot-chick profiles, horrible bands that never were, insecure underage girls battling publicly, and that same old guy who posts about a hundred snooze-inducing bulletins every hour with subjects like, “277 Things That Suck”. It feels dated just being on the website, and I’m currently in the process of switching over music promotion efforts to Facebook. Because the creators of this site have made it virtually impossible to figure out how to do anything, it’s discouraged most bands from attempting to used it for the purposes of shameless, irresponsible promotion. After wandering aimlessly throughout the faq’s for several hours, I was finally able to figure out how to create a page and post things to people that I know. The sheer networking capabilities of Facebook are effective, and finding people that won’t hate you is so intuitive that it naturally lends itself to targeted promotion that isn’t unwanted (unlike MySpace’s constant barrage of band requests). Now if I could only figure out how to use twitter and not feel ridiculous…

That being said, MySpace is still a great place to contact local bands across the Americas, troll for Russian brides, and post pictures of you and your drunken friends behaving like idiots for the world to see.

In other news, I would like to let people know that Summer is not that great! I mean, when you’re 14 and you get to miss school and go on vacations with your friends’ families it’s great, but for those of us who have to work in the miserable heat it’s truly a drag. Every time I play a show lately it feels as if I’m going to pass out, and I have to change my shirt multiple times in a day. There are more flies and you don’t feel like doing anything after the excitement of the first few weeks has kicked in. Eventually, and especially if you are in the more tropical climates, you resort to spending entire days in an air-conditioned environment, methodically drinking Kool-Aid and eating frozen food. But I must digress, because even though I’m giving Summer a hard time (has any human ever attempted such a foolhardy feat as challenging a season before?), I have been enjoying the sunny weather for at least 30 minutes every day, whether or not I want to, and it’s actually very pleasant.

Strangefeather (who also has a new Facebook), will be going on a West Coast tour in August up through Oregon, Boise, Utah, Nevada, and back through California. It will be much shorter than our previous Spring tour, and we can’t wait to get back to the Southwest, South, Northeast, and Midwest again soon! We sincerely miss all the wonderful people that we are still in contact with from tour, and it’s great to hear from all of you!

Oh, and I’ve started playing solo again. I have just finished a new album called “Interstellar Lounge Music”, which isn’t quite ready for the world yet. Or is it that the world isn’t quite ready for it? I can’t tell, but I promise that this particular release will be special in that it will be promoted differently and more imaginatively than anything else I’ve done.

Final thought of the day:
“It is not the amount of talent you possess, but moreso the fervor with which you lie about the talents that you do not possess and the conviction with which you do so that ensures that you will eventually be either forgotten or laughed at eternally.” – The Shaman of Smoke

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about the current state of MySpace. It’s your turn to rant.

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